Kerrville Vanity Table Wtih Stool

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This combination glass and metal vanity set gives your room a visual pop, providing you with a shining place to do your make-up in the morning. The glass top and shelf are easy to clean, and the tilting mirror makes it easy to get the right angle. The included crocodile leatherette upholstered stool adds a touch of flair to the ensemble.
  • Contemporary Style
  • 5mm Tempered Glass Top
  • 3mm Adjustable Mirror
  • Padded Crocodile Skin Textured Leatherette Seat
  • Metal Frame
  • Chrome


  • Style:  Contemporary
  • Color:  Finish Chrome
  • Material: Metal
  • Frame Finish: Chrome
  • Length: T: 39-1/4″, M: 13″, CH: 17-3/4″
  • Width:  T: 19-5/8″, M: 3/4″, CH: 14″
  • Height: T: 29-3/4″, M: 21-1/2″, CH: 18″
  • Product Dimension
  • T:     39-1/4″L X 19-5/8″W X 29-3/4″H
  • M:    13″W X 3/4″D X 21-1/2″H
  • C:     17-3/4″L X 14″W X 18″H

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